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Grain Packing

Segregated Grain Storage
& Container Packing

Pyrenees Hay Australia sources, packs and exports grains to Japan, China, Egypt, The UK, Malayasia, Vietnam, Thailand, India  and many other destinations.


These products are exported under the Grain Trade Standard of Australia (GTA) and strict export protocols ensuring the buyers of a quality Australian product.

Products are packed/filled bulk into the container.

They are Shipped in 20 foot (TEU) or 40 foot (FEU) containers depending on the buyers requirements.

Available Products

Wheat: (SFW, SFWR, ASW1, APW1, H2, H1, APH1/2)

Barley: Feed Grades & Malt varieties

Canola: GMO & non GMO (min 42, min 44, min 46% oils)

Lentils: Nipper, Jumbo

Faba Beans: Fiesta Type

Peas: Field Peas/Dun Peas

Lupins: Australian Sweet, Albus

Sorghum: Sorghum 1 (red)

Cottonseed: Australian whole white fuzzy

Contract Grain Packing Services

Contract grain packing services, fumigation and container transport are provided to other exporters through our Avoca (Victorian) facility. These containers are delivered into the port of Melbourne.

This consists of approximately 2500mt of segregated grain storage to supply the container packing.

The facility can pack both cereal grains, pulses as well as oilseeds in 20 foot (TEU) or 40foot (FEU) containers.


The container packing facilities in Avoca offers local growers another marketing option besides the traditional southern markets.

Pyrenees Hay grain loading convey

For buyers the facility offers opportunities for traceability in the supply chain from grower through to end user.

Contract grain packing is also provided for other exporters

Pyrenees Hay grain loader
Pyrenees Hay grain for export

Pyrenees Hay Australia 

Established exporter of quality oaten hay, shipper of agri products and contract grain packing. 

Regional Production in

NSW Riverina & Central Victoria

Pyrenees Hay logo
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