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Buyer Information

Export Processing of Quality Assured Product

Hay Processing

Pyrenees Hay Australia offers a quality assured product.

Export processing consists of a teaser gently pulling bales apart before re-baling the hay or straw into the required bale size to meet the export market requirements (small or big bales). 

Through our processes all contaminants are removed such as sticks or small pebbles ensuring only a premium quality product is supplied.

Product is shipped in 40 foot hi-cube containers to the port of buyers choosing.

Pyrenees Hay baling facility

Grains & Oilseed

Shipped in 20 foot (TEU) or 40 foot (FEU) containers, Pyrenees Hay sources and exports grain and oilseeds around the world.

These products are exported under the Grain Trade Standard of Australia (GTA) and meet the agreed specifications.

Pyrenees Hay grain for loading

Available Products

Wheat: (SFW, SFWR, ASW1, APW1, H2, H1, APH1/2)

Barley: Feed Grades & Malt varieties

Canola: GMO & non GMO (min 42, min 44, min 46% oils)

Lentils: Nipper, Jumbo

Faba Beans: Fiesta Type

Peas: Field Peas/Dun Peas

Lupins: Australian Sweet

Sorghum: Sorghum 1 (red)

Cottonseed: Australian whole white fuzzy

Pyrenees Hay aerial-view grain bunkers

Pyrenees Hay Australia 

Established exporter of quality oaten hay, shipper of agri products and contract grain packing. 

Regional Production in

NSW Riverina & Central Victoria

Pyrenees Hay logo
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