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Pyrenees Hay Australia offer area contracts as well as spot prices for oaten hay.

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Why Grow Export Oaten Hay?

​Some of the benefits of growing Oaten Hay are:

  • Premium prices associated with export oaten hay

  • Diversification/options

  • Improved cash flow as it’s a cash crop 

  • Lower risk – Oaten Hay matures typically earlier than grains/oilseed/peas

  • Improved soil health – contributes to soil health through nitrogen fixing and increased organic matter which benefits subsequent crops

  • Weed control – Oat Hay can outcompete weeds, particularly in rotation with other crops which therefore reduced herbicide use and cost

Oaten hay in the Windrow

Cultivars / Varieties

The cultivar or otherwise known as variety that you choose can be a deciding factor between failure and success of your crop. 

Choosing the right cultivar for growing export quality oaten hay is based on factors such as soil type, climate in your area, target market, grazing options and so forth.

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Soil is one of the main factors of success for your crop. Although altering soil types is not possible, adapting them through ameliorants, replacing lost nutrients and increasing soil biology will improve your yields and profitability. 

Soil tests are an effective way to understand your soils and ideally should be done every 3-5 years in each paddock. Our Agronomist is able to provide these services and set you up with a forward plan in order to maximize your production.


Hay and Grain testing:

Talk to our PHA agronomist today to have your hay or grain professionally sampled and tested.

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Pyrenees Hay Australia 

Established exporter of quality oaten hay, shipper of agri products and contract grain packing. 

Regional Production in

NSW Riverina & Central Victoria

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